León Fernando del Canto

An international Lawyer and a writer in London with his heart in Andalucia and the Oriente, الشرق, पूर्वा.

A Feminist believing that Human Rights mark the redline separating the good from the bad.

New book out now!

Abogacía Crítica;
Manifiesto en tiempos de crisis

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About me

Leon Fernando is a dual qualified spanish abogado and english barrister with a passion for Journalism, Poetry and The Orient. His clients and projects are located in the United Kingdom, Spain and Qatar; with regular visits to The Americas, India and Japan.

With over 25 years of international experience his industry focus is on Media and Human Rights —while keeping multiple fronts happily opened. From the legal Firm Del Canto Chambers (London, Madrid & Doha) he works with a committed team providing legal solutions to international clients. They all try to make this world a better place to live.

Committed to beautiful projects with social impact

Agencia Comunicación y Genero and  the Women’s Equality Party

Almutafilm and Las Llaves de la Memoria

News Deeply and our commitment to good journalism

Al Sharq Forum Foundation and our work in the Arab world and the wider Middle East

Keep an active voice in social media and newspapers

El País

El Huffington Post

Cinco Días


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