León Fernando del Canto

An international Lawyer and a writer in London with his heart in Andalucia and the Oriente, الشرق, पूर्वा.

A Feminist believing that Human Rights mark the redline separating the good from the bad.


León Fernando del Canto González (Zamora, 1967) spent his childhood and youth in Jerez de la Frontera, where he acquired his accent and his identity. A lawyer in Spain and a barrister in the United Kingdom, an Andalusian and an Anglophile, he is a recognised expert in digital media, having worked for Al Jazeera Networks, El País, El Mundo, Huffington Post and News Deeply. His passion for international law, human rights and feminism goes hand in hand with his interest in freethinking. A lover of the Arab world and of India, he has lived in the United States, Mexico, Britain and Qatar and has travelled widely in India. He is a specialist in eastern initiation traditions and considers himself a student of yoga, tantra and Sufism.

The holder of a Licentiate degree in Law and a member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), he was the first Spaniard to be granted rights of audience as a barrister in England and Wales and is the head of Del Canto Chambers, his law office, with branches in London, Madrid and Doha. He is a committed internationalist and pro-Europeanist, a film producer (The Keys of Memory), a poet (The Little Lion and the Great One) and a writer (May Your Journey Be Long); these works are still unpublished. Currently immersed in writing a historical novel, he is also the author of opinion pieces published in several media outlets (El País, HuffPost, The Times, etc.). He is an international analyst and an expert in Middle Eastern geopolitics, and is the director of the Al Sharq Forum Foundation, a think tank in Geneva.

He lives in London and is married to a Colombian sociologist, with whom he is learning to love Latin America. He has a daughter, Ana, aged 21, who is studying Law, a 14-year-old son, Raúl, who is a film lover, a stepson, Federico, who is 18 and wants to be a rock star, and three cats, two female and one male, named June, Julieta and Naru.